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We prepare coffee in AeroPress

In 2005, the company Aerobie released Aeropress, an ergonomic device for making coffee, which, according to the creators, should replace low-quality office coffee makers. The device consists of a plastic flask, a piston and a perforated lid, into which a paper filter is inserted. Coffee prepared by the aeropress method turns out to be bright, with a rich complex acidity.

Brewing recipe:

  • grinding: medium;

  • the ratio of 18g. coffee/ 200 ml. water;

  • water temperature 85-87 C°;

  • brewing time: 2-2: 20 min;

  • we connect the grid with the filter and the flask (the filter needs to be moistened, and the flask needs to be warmed up);

  • we fill up the ground coffee and pour 60 ml of water;

  • mix the coffee with a spatula;

  • after 30 seconds, pour in the rest of the water, install the piston, wait for another 40 seconds. and we begin to push through;

  • it is not necessary to press until it stops, so that the particles of grinding do not get into the drink.

We mix the coffee and taste it!

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