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How to make delicious coffee in a cup? What is caping?

Even if there is not a single device for making coffee at home, a delicious drink can be brewed in an ordinary cup. The main thing is to do it correctly!

General rules of preparation:

  • dosage: 6 g of coffee per 100 ml of water (about 1 tsp. with a slide);

  • water temperature: 94-95 degrees (boil water and wait 2-3 minutes);

  • pour coffee with water and wait 4 minutes. then use a spoon to remove the coffee grounds, which will interfere with enjoying the drink.

The recipe for brewing coffee in a cup is very similar to the caping procedure. Caping is a standardized procedure for evaluating the taste characteristics of coffee. Parameters such as acidity, balance, body, purity of taste and the like are evaluated.

Caping protocol:

  1. In 12 grams of coarsely ground coffee, 200 ml is poured.water with a temperature of 92-94°C’.

  2. After 4 minutes, the grounds are pushed out of the cup three times with a spoon and the aroma is evaluated. Then the grounds are removed from the cup.

  3. After 8 minutes, they begin to taste coffee. To do this, use special spoons. Coffee is tasted while sipping, so that air enters the oral cavity together with the drink and the coffee is evenly distributed through the receptors.

  4. The next time the drink is evaluated at about 14 minutes to understand how the taste of the drink changes when it cools down.

  5. The results are recorded in a special form.

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