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Making coffee in jezve

Dzhezva (turka, ibrik) is one of the oldest ways of making coffee. Coffee prepared by this method is obtained dense and saturated due to the lack of filtration, as well as long cooking and high temperature.

General rules of cooking:

  • grinding: superfine (similar to powder);

  • the ratio of coffee and water is 1:10;

  • the water should not boil during cooking;

  • it is better to taste the drink 3-4 minutes after brewing, for a cleaner taste, push the foam away with a spoon;

  • we recommend that you try to brew Costa Rica Coopedota grain in jezve.

Classic jezva

  1. The volume of water depends on the volume of the jezva, the jezva must be filled by 3⁄4 so that the foam that rises does not pour out.

  2. We use a ratio of 1:10 (for example, 15 g of coffee per 150 ml of water).

  3. We pour coffee into the jezva, fill it with warm water.

  4. We heat the jezva, wait until the "cap" rises (the water should not boil).

  5. Remove the jezva from the fire. Then the heating procedure can be repeated several more times. More repetitions.

Jezva with pomegranate juice

  1. We pour 15 g of ground coffee into the jezva.

  2. Add 5-6 g of sugar and a pinch of nutmeg.

  3. Pour 100 ml of water and 50 ml of fresh pomegranate juice.

  4. We heat the jezva until the "cap" rises, during the heating process we mix it several times.

  5. We remove the jezva from the fire.

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