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We prepare coffee in a drip coffee maker

The drip coffee maker is considered a real find for connoisseurs of Americano coffee. To please yourself with a cup of a fragrant drink, it is not necessary to stand over the stove or go to coffee shops, it is enough to buy this useful device and figure out how your new coffee maker works. Thanks to its application, you will be able to experiment with the flavors of coffee and prepare several cups of the drink for the whole family at once.

Making coffee in a drip coffee maker is simple and convenient! But we advise you to stick to a few tips:

  • choose water with a soft mineralization of 75-150 mg / l, enriched with calcium and magnesium ions. Water purified by reverse osmosis is poorly suited for making coffee, reducing its extractivity;

  • tap water is too hard and can damage the equipment;

  • for connoisseurs of dairy drinks, it is better to choose milk with a protein content of more than 3%, it will be whipped easier, and the milk foam will be dense and elastic;

  • it is necessary to use roasting under the filter;

  • dosage: 6 g of coffee per 100 ml of water;

  • brewing time:from 2: 30 min. (300 ml. of water) to 5: 30 min. (1 l. of water);

  • it is better to use disposable paper filters.

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