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We prepare coffee in a geyser coffee maker

Geyser coffee maker is one of the easiest ways to make coffee at home. The principle of operation of the coffee maker is simple: hot water under steam pressure rises from the lower tank to the upper one through a layer of ground coffee.

Cooking secrets:

  • grinding: medium-thin;

  • he ratio of coffee and water is usually laid down by the manufacturer. Ground coffee should reach the limit of the dispersion grid. The water should be slightly below the pressure relief valve;

  • it is better to pour hot water into the coffee maker already. Then the cooking process will be faster, and the coffee is definitely not worse;

  • after 3-4 minutes of heating, the water will begin to overflow into the upper tank, passing through the coffee. When this process is over, the drink is ready.

And if you suddenly have a geyser coffee maker and a French press, you can prepare a cappuccino.

Cappuccino recipe:

1) We prepare coffee in a geyser coffee maker. You will need about 50 ml.

2) pour into a cup with a volume of up to 200 ml.

3) Preheat the milk to 50-60°C and pour it into the French press. Moving the piston up and down, we create foam. First, the piston must be moved in the upper part of the flask to form a foam, then in the lower part to mix the foam with the milk.

4) carefully, pour the milk into the coffee in a thin stream. At the same time, it is necessary to mix the drink in circular movements.

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