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Coffee from Central America-El Salvador

The grains of the local Arabica are not inferior in the main indicators to varieties from neighboring countries, but Salvadoran coffee is still characterized by good acidity and delicate taste. It is believed that coffee from El Salvador is ideal for breakfast. It is quite strong, but at the same time gentle. It is characterized by good acidity, but the aroma is considered weak for Arabica. Some varieties are characterized by a strong tangerine aroma.

Rich, thick. The aroma contains bitter almonds, apricot seeds, sweet cocoa. Bright taste of dark chocolate, soft enveloping sourness of honeysuckle. A little tart and at the same time creamy, dense. Flavors: nutmeg, Red Delicious apple, sour-sweet-bitter. The aftertaste is a slight hint of jasmine and a classic chocolate bitterness.

Bouquet: strong, delicate. A little tart, creamy. Dark chocolate, bitter almonds, apricot, apple, jasmine.

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