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Coffee from Central Africa, Kenya

Kenya is an internationally recognized coffee country, it is rightfully considered the birthplace of one of the best coffee in the world, thanks to the strict rules of its cultivation. The best Kenyan coffee grown on the slopes of the mountains gives a full, rich, finely balanced infusion with a moderate wine and fruit flavor. Kenyan Arabica in a cup is both the most balanced and the most complex of all types of coffee. This is a coffee with a very bright acidity. But Arabica is also valued for its unique taste characteristics, which carry with them various shades of its sourness. Therefore, the higher the level of Arabica, the more complex and multifaceted its taste is, embedded in the sourness.

Bouquet: rich, sweet and fresh. In the aroma, catch a whiff of the soft wind of the savannah, a mixture of spicy herbs - marjoram, thyme, mint, a little caramel and berries. The taste is juicy, with notes of dried fruits, blackberries, ripe apple. The aftertaste of fresh pastries, even slightly cognac-cigar, is long and light! The body is dense, creamy.

Go to our store and order coffee from the plantations of Kenya!

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