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Coffee from Central Africa, Ethiopia

You can talk about Ethiopia for a long time separately! This is the historical birthplace of the coffee tree. All coffee trees are native to Ethiopia. Until today, a significant part of the harvest (about 60%) is collected by local residents on wild trees and shrubs. Here, in the conditions of a dry and hot African climate, the highest quality varieties of coffee in the world ripen. Ethiopian coffee has a very diverse taste range.

Common to all Ethiopian varieties is the complexity and richness. Ethiopian coffee has an exquisite taste, a strong, intoxicating aroma, high density and sweetness in the taste, which resembles tropical fruits and fortified wine.

Bouquet: grapes and wine, flowers and warm spices, notes of bergamot and jasmine, chocolate, light apple / berry acidity and pleasant bitterness.

Try the unsurpassed coffee from Ethiopia!

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