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Coffee from Brazil

Brazil has been ranked first in coffee production for a century and a half. Many even mistakenly believe that coffee was born here. It is believed that raw materials produced in this country are used to prepare every third cup of an invigorating drink. Delicious classic.

Coffee grows here on red clays. At a surprisingly low altitude of the plateaus. The climate is unstable. Frosts, droughts, hurricanes, winds, hail.

The taste of Brazilian coffee is characterized by bitterness, it is quite sharp and sometimes has medicinal notes due to the large presence of quinine in the soils of the country. Therefore, mixtures are often made from Brazilian varieties to improve the taste.

Experts, despite the popularity of coffee from this country, consider it too primitive. But if you need to wake up in the morning, you can't find a better drink. Brazilian coffee is very strong and perfectly invigorates.

Bouquet: forest, walnuts, peanuts, cocoa, spices.

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