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We brew coffee with a purover

We bet that you have seen more than once how a barista with a beard and tattoos prepares black coffee, spilling hot water from a funny kettle with a narrow spout through a funnel with a paper filter. This method of brewing is called a purover. There are a lot of funnels produced, we will tell you how to brew coffee in the most popular of them-Hario V60. Brewing coffee by the purover method requires accuracy, so it will be better if you arm yourself with a scale and a timer.

Brewing recipe:

  • grinding: medium-coarse;

  • the ratio of 18g. coffee/300 ml. water;

  • water temperature 93-95 ° C;

  • brewing time: 3-3: 20 min;

  • we put the funnel on the server or cup, place the filter. Before brewing, the filter should be moistened by pouring a little hot water through it;

  • pour the coffee into the filter and shake it slightly so that the coffee is evenly distributed;

  • pour 60 ml of water into the funnel. after that, you need to wait until the coffee absorbs the water. This is called peredzmochuvannya;

  • next, we pour the rest of the water in circular movements to cover the entire surface of the coffee. We are waiting until the coffee is completely spilled into the server. We stir the drink and savor it.

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