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Brewing coffee with a French press

Let's start getting acquainted with the alternative with a fairly common method of brewing. We often see how tea is brewed in the French press, but in fact this is a simple and popular way of making coffee. Due to the long extraction time, the drink turns out rich and dense.

Recipe for brewing coffee in a French press:

  • grinding: large;

  • the ratio of 60 grams of coffee per 1 liter of water;

  • the water temperature is 93-95 ° C;

  • before starting brewing, warm up the flask with a small amount of water, pour coffee into the heated flask, fill it with water;

  • then stir, cover the French press with a lid, without lowering the plunger;

  • wait 7-8 minutes, lower the plunger and immediately pour the drink into cups so that the coffee is not overextended.

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