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A few words about the regions. Coffee from Africa

The African continent is the historical birthplace of coffee. Coffee Africa is more than 30 countries, but the most refined coffee is grown on the plantations of East Africa - in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The coffee grown here is famous for a variety of bright floral and fruity notes, from the almost perfumery floral-citrus character of coffee from Ethiopia and the pronounced sourness and berry notes of Kenyan coffee, to the delicate and fruity notes of coffee from Zambia. Common to most African varieties are high acidity, sweetness, good saturation, fruit and citrus notes.

Bouquet: berry, wine, citrus, fruit, floral and spicy shades; red and orange tropical fruits (papaya, melon, dates), red berries (cranberries, lingonberries, currants, strawberries, strawberries), medium-sized fruits (pears, apples, plums); caramel, cocoa, pastries, sweet nuts and spices.

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