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marina.z.t & FINCA COFFEE


marina.z.t  Vinnytsia blogger🖤

It's just that I |don't save the world| don't have a PP |there's not even a dog|😅
Almost mom 🍼
I collect flags👇🏻

anamarkovych & FINCA COFFEE


Ana Markovic⚡️💭

I write how not to be afraid to be yourself, but to get pleasure 💭from it, and also about willpower and internal attitudes

alionakarpiuk & FINCA COFFEE


Alyona Karpyuk

•how not to go crazy on maternity leave🤯
•I have time for EVERYTHING and you can
•universal mom: I move furniture, cook borscht💪🏻
•dishes that prepare themselves #aliona_cooking

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