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Gift set of drips (Chelchele, Caranavi, La Vega )

Ethiopia Chelchele

Region: Yorgachif

Processing: naturra

Cup profile: pear, blueberry, whiskey

Acidity: 6/10

Saturation: 8/10

Taste: blueberry jam, whiskey

Aroma: plum, jasmine

Aftertaste: black tea, sweet pear

Arabica variety: Primary Arabica


Bolivia Caranavi

Region: La Paz

Processing: washed

Cup profile: dark plum, cherry, caramel

Acidity: 6/10

Saturation: 8/10

Taste: dark plum, cherry

Aroma: figs, caramel

Aftertaste: date, almond

Arabica varieties: Catuai, Caturra, Castillo


Guatemala La Vega

Region: Huehuetenango

Processing: washed

Cup profile: peach, orange, milk chocolate

Acidity: 9/10

Saturation: 7/10

Aroma: milk chocolate, peach.

Aftertaste: white plum.

Arabica variety: bourbon, caturra.

Gift set of drips (Chelchele, Caranavi, La Vega )

  • Types of drips:

    Chelchele, Caranavi, La Vega

  • Quantity:

    Three boxes, seven drips in each

  • Delivery:

    • "Nova Poshta" to any branch throughout Ukraine.
    • Address delivery in Kyiv.
    • Pickup: 8 Stepana Bandera Avenue, Kyiv or 45 Dmytrivska Street, Kyiv
  • Оплата:

    • Банківська картка  (оплата на сайті)

    • Платіжна система (Portmone, Liqpay)

    • Готівка при отриманні товару (за умови адресної доставки)

  • Method of preparation:

    1) Heat 180 ml of water, optimal brewing temperature: 92-95 °C.

    2) Open the drip and place it on the cup

    3) Slowly fill the coffee in the drip with water

    4) Wait until the water passes through the coffee completely, and then repeat the infusion 2-3 times

    5) Done! You can enjoy your favorite coffee

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