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◾Play as the troops and the generals◾Build your army from over 150 fully customizable units, including historical and modern weapons, and abilities◾Command the army in action-packed battles where you can take on the enemies of your choice and defeat them◾Choose from thousands of unit upgrades and weapons that evolve your army to meet any situation ◾Enjoy the authentic experience◾Defeat hordes of computer-controlled enemies in large-scale single-player and multiplayer battles◾Enjoy hours and hours of historically accurate, mission-based gameplay◾Prove your generalship and military strategy skills on all fronts – on the battlefield, in the ranks and in the court◾Engage in diplomatic negotiations, deal with rebels and thieves, engage in espionage, trade, diplomacy, military politics, and much more◾Overcome challenging situations and obstacles as you advance through the story. ◾Lots of hand-drawn and high quality visuals, complex battles and animated forces, a gripping story line with lots of historical detail◾Thousands of fully customizable units (soldiers, horses, cannons, ships, generals, great commanders, etc.)• Hundreds of weapons and military equipment◾Choose from both historical and modern weapons and equipment• Hundreds of unlockable unit upgrades, skills, abilities, and equipment• Hundreds of vehicle upgrades, upgrades, modifications, modifications, etc.• Several different armies to play with, including Napoleon’s, Wellington’s, and Stalin’s• Different battlefields to play on.• The entire battlefield is recreated with hand-drawn 2D backgrounds and detailed 3D models• All the graphics and animation are unique, with many of them adapted from historical sources• Many different historical scenarios in single player mode• Single player and multiplayer modes with different settings• Lots of unique missions and campaigns to play• Lots of historical unit types, such as cavalry, dragoons, artillery, and engineer units• Deep and detailed tactical system, with a unique battle engine that allows the player to view everything that happens on the battlefield• You can not only follow your units and their actions, but you can also see the action from different angles and at different distances, depending on where you are on the battlefield• Each battle is unique, with different locations, weather conditions, and even lighting effects• Full historical scenarios available, including the one of the main title, all of the scenarios from the expansion packs, plus many others, including the long-awaited London scenario• You can play the battles as



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